Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Picture Tells.........

In the picture, just look at their condition..

no place to sleep, still they have

made some space for d cat n d dog…

water poring from the roof but still

each 1 of them have a peaceful smile on their face..

Simply amazing!!!!!

The happiest people in the world

are not those who have no problems,

but those who learn to live with things

that are less than perfect.

Keep Smiling Always.

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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

after years

after years.. after years... after years.....

you are not alone
i saw her
she is cute
her mother
is too

the eyes
aware the old me?
i was there
standing alone
right behind you

i feel the pain
surround me
it is just me
all the way
it is just me
the sorrow
the pain

all by myself

after years.. after years
... after years.....

Monday, October 19, 2009

deep down inside

beauty lies in the eyes of beholder


can see
but heart
can't totally believe
it isn't fake
by sight
by feelings

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

090986 <---> 090909 || 5:15p.m

life is priceless

never live it hopeless
tho' she is speechless
strain and survive powerless
hoping for her soul breathe freely
rowing the mud-hut steadily
for life grown wearily
hoping life is so blessedly
seeking mercy
blending courtesy
growing legacy
should thou stay alive
hide in the mud hive
soar and survive
sweat blood for the five

"who should i give my love to after Allah, and Rasulullah comes your mother.. who next? your mother.. who next? your mother.."

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is It About Time to Heal...?

He is getting older

No one keeps on ponder

Act seems to be tougher

Left him alone and suffer

Humanity, insanity

Where’s man with good quality

All seems to fade away

For life thought as one way

Sunday, August 9, 2009

TESL Night 2009

Phewww~ RM75 for tesl night at Regency Hotel, Jalan Raja Alang, Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur..... and yesterday we gathered there after the date was postponed due to H1N1..

The Regency

The dinner was awesome and I feel great as I enjoyed myself there with our bunch of friends.. Unfortunately, there were only 21 of us in semester 5.. Supposedly we conquered the hall last night.. We are 60+ actually.. What to do.. The rest of them chose **not for this sem** (((we were forced to go for tesl night during our third semester))) ... maybe that was one of the reason why. But then.. what to do.. life goes on.. **big grin** yeah maybe next time..... during our last semester in UPSI. Hope so. InsyaAllah.

21 of us

I love the food and I was quite surprised when we were served plain water all night.. ahah! That's good! I love it.. Maybe those people knew I'm not allowed to have cold drinks for this time being.. **perasan!** ahah! I don't really think anyone knows I'm teslian,, in semester 5.. ngeee~ I do think that I'm invisible till this very moment.. ahah!

I love the view up there at the hall.. We can see Petronas Twin Tower.. wait aa..

there you go~~

The twin tower is at top left corner.. ya,, ya,, I'm not good in photography thing.. **nod** Herm that's Jenny, Punith and Ngo.. Sarawakian.. Eventhough the view is impressive, I personally think last time was better for the 'dekor'. HOWEVER. However, I enjoyed more this time because of the SEAT.. It's free seating. Last time was nightmare! I've been seated with seniors. I didn't like it plus there were only two *bungas* surrounded by *kumbangss* at our table. NIGHTMARE. Surely there were **unwanted** memories back then.. phewww~~

The best perfomance I could say for our dinner last night was from Punith, Ngo, Mus and Rowena. At first Punith taught some rhythmic movement for us to catch on... and finally, four of them danced with amazing. They danced to the strains of "Jai Ho". Honestly, I love to see Punith dancing.. It's impressive. He dance with his soul I can say..

Hot **diva** Dancers (from left : Ngo.. Punith)

Oh ya! Our batch theme for yesterday was royal white + pink.. Pink is the colour of ELC.. ELC = English Language Club. and THAT means PINK is compulsory.. ((is it???)) **big grin**

Phewww~~ and finally... we went back to the bus around 11 p.m. Walked down the street under the full moon.. huuu~ Home sweet home around 12.15 a.m.. Assignment!!! Assignment!!! Assignment!!! ahah! There you go~~ TONS of assignment to catch up.. + presentation
sss... prayer for me~~ =)

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Children of the World

Children of the world
What is it in your hand?
It might be hope that you hold
To fulfill your desire within the hand

Children of the world
Where are you suppose to be in grace?
It must be school that you have been told
Surely classroom should be the right place

Children of the world
When will you appreciate your life?
Don't you ever wait till you grow old
As you won't feel the rhythm of your life

Children of the world
Who should be your role?
Some said parents can be bold
As teachers are not just the sole

Children of the world
How are you going to live your life?
It isn't only to aim for the gold
Yet be good to those who reach your life

final decision

is so strange

we have to face

what we have to face
and finally
when the time comes
we know
we deserve that
might last
as the best for us
vice versa

that words

i mean it
i deserve the feedback
i have been waiting

after sometime
i deserve
the end

i have to face

the final decision
somehow or rather
life is so strange

isn't it?


never know
what lies ahead
the path
is way too far
and urff
what am i going to shave
for a person like me
totally different

kinda freak myself

is full
with o
and how on earth
i start to think
even see

it's hard to believe
for eyes
which might not see
for sense
which might not feel
d finally
to be or not to be...