Monday, May 3, 2010


After days... I manage to scan this post award of the day . It's a gift to give to another blogger and of course it's a gift to me. Ermm it's stated there.....

See! Told ya! This award is for beautiful blogger.. i repeat, b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l b.l.o.g.g.e.r! hahah. thanks dear friend zara al-zahra for tagging me.. hohoho

I've seen so many tagging-award before ((is it called tagging-award?? haha pandai-pandai taruk nama..)) and yet i've never received any till there's one given to me and others as well..

Sincerely I want to make a confession. Deep inside my spotty-blacky-heart ((as i always think of bad things even if i try my best to think positive = senang kata banyak suuzon dari husnuzon)) I used to feel that one who did this tagging-award never think of everyone. Why? errr.. it's a long-long-story and this isn't the time to recall memories. Forget injuries, never forget kindness.

Full Stop.

However. However. The feel is very deep inside and it's already being buried somewhere in my *-*-heart ((takleh sebut banyak-banyak kali nanti jadi reality, na'uzubillah..))

Please take note, ALREADY BEING BURIED means already being buried. Okay? (",) Not to worry everybody. I'm not against this tagging-award.

It's a gift after all. It's proven enjoyable and not to forget it shows remembrance.. I really appreciate the gift given to me from my dear friend.. luv ya! mmuahh!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Amazing!

This forwarded email really amaze me.. Take a look at these photos, the first three months of a panda bear..





DAY 25

DAY 30

DAY 35

DAY 45

DAY 95

and tadaaaaa~~

DAY 120

SUBHANALLAH! ... baby panda is so cute isn't it? I'm 24 and this is my first time seeing the growth of a panda bear. These photos remind me of oren, belang and comel ((standard name for kucing org melayu.. ours especially.. hahaheheee)) and below is a video shows a baby panda sneeze... pity his mother.. (",)