Thursday, August 5, 2010

BIT 4153

What is it with BIT 4153?

Hermm BIT 4153 - Reflections on Teaching & Learning ESL

It's one of the major subjects for my final year in UPSI. huuu pheww I'm already in my finale year!? Oh my~

It's a reflection, isn't it?

Erm, can English remain as a second language in Malaysia? Or is it consider as a foreign language nowadays? These questions keep on hide-and-seek with me. I wonder why..

I'm learning English in UPSI. Teaching English as a Second Language. And yet I've got tongue twisted every time I try to communicate in English as if I'm using tongue-twister. And why is it happening to me? Is it just me or there's another person like me?

No matter what, there's always room for improvement. And I'm still learning. Everyday. And no matter what, I've already be in this track for almost three years. I've to bear with it and always keep on track.

Am I doing reflection?

Ha-ha. That's it, I'm influenced by learning BIT 4153!

I've got BIT 4153 class today.  Quoted on what Dr Goh has said this morning, "You are in the University of Life. Everyone is in the University of Life," make me think wisely. Everyone has already entering a university since we grown up whether we realize it or not.

Ya, he's right.

We are already in the University of Life. We live our life today as life goes on. No matter what, we must do reflection as life goes on each and everyday. We must reflect back on every action we've made. Eyh but then there are reflection-on-action and reflection-in-action. I prefer both..

I really adore Dr Goh. He always acts wisely. He's a wise man after all. Not to forget, Dr Goh is a very calm lecturer I have ever met. He's the one that I know with good-manner-sarcasm. Ha-ha.

Okay, that's not my major point as all I want to say is that I'm now falling in love with Reflection on Teaching & Learning ESL which is conducted by Dr Goh Hock Seng for the time being before we have our beloved Mr Zain on the second half of this semester. 

Okay, did I write a long sentence without full stop right up there?? Hemm. Is it a number of mistakes here and there?

Ha-ha. Enough is enough. Or else there might be serious grammatical error here and there till someone pop-up, "Why on earth you've been chosen to be an English teacher???"

Huhuuuuuu. Scary~

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