Wednesday, January 5, 2011

New Hope

O ya Allah..

It's already year 2011. I really hope I can load myself with beautiful memories. No more anger, no more prejudice and whatsoever. I just need to calm myself in whatever situations, believe in myself, have faith in me, learn from mistakes and learn from others and the most important is, think positive. Think positive, please.. think positive.

What goes around comes around. If I have done my best, then why should I feel sorry for anything. So the point is, I need to strive to improve myself and I have to strive for success. Erm there's a say,

"Kalau kita sentiasa memikirkan masa lalu yang ditinggalkan, maka sukarlah untuk kita bangkit menghadapi masa hadapan yang tentunya lebih banyak cabaran.."

New Hope..

During 1st Muharram, I've made a promise to myself.. I really need to control myself for I am a muslim, amar makruf nahi mungkar. That's for my hijrah, insyaAllah.

Hope alone isn't enough for determination comes along with the prayer and just then we can hope for the best. After everyhting I've done, trial and error, there's just one solution in which I find very helpful and useful to guide all muslim, that is, never ever leave your kalamullah behind. Quran is the light, nur for all muslim.

Quran is the guidance for us to be strong in facing real life situations and seek for jannah.

And so, I'd like to share this song sings by Yusuf Islam entitled Our Guide is the Quran..

Our guide is the Qur’an 
Our Religion is Islam
Five Noble Pillars upholding what is virtuous
 To make the Testimony is the base of the Faith, and the Fast, and the Prayer, the Pilgrimage and Charity.

Dusturuna-al Qur’anu
Wa Deenuna-al Islamu

Arkanuhu Jaleelah da’aimun Fadheelah
 Wa hiya ash-Shahadatani, qa’aidatul Iman, wa-as Sawmu, Wa-as Salatu, Wa-al Hajju, Wa-az Zakatu


  1. hey happy new year
    haha dah lambat
    at last found ur blog n ur traditionally hell


  2. waaaaahhhhhhhhh no way

    hahaha paahhhhhh~~~~~~~