Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Teacher, kami tak tahu..."

Place - Form 2 Extravaganza
Time  - After recess

Pupil A : Teacher, kami tak tahu la Bahasa English ni, teacher..

Every pupil looks at the teacher and nods their heads with thousands of expressions on their depressed faces.

Teacher : Correction pupils. It's either Bahasa Inggeris or English only. It's not Bahasa English, okay?

The pupils nod again.

Pupil B : Teacher, susah la English ni teacher..

Pupil C : Ha'a teacher, susah la..

Pupil D : Kami cakap pun tak reti, teacher..

The teacher smiles to her pupils.

Teacher : It's okay pupils. Remember this, everything is difficult before it becomes easy.

The pupils show a straight face, a face that betrays no sign of emotion.

Teacher : Okay, first and foremost, bear in your mind that English is as easy as ABC.

The Pupils : Okay, teacher.

Teacher : Next, do not afraid of making mistakes when you have the intention or opportunity to use the language. 

The pupils nod their heads, again, as if they are listening attentively.

Teacher : One important thing which I would like to highlight here.. Bear in your mind, English is important nowadays. It's for you to learn the language and not to replace your mother tongue. Remember, knowledge is power for you to move on and live a better life. It's okay if you make mistakes here and there as you are still learning. In fact, I am still learning too. Learning is an ongoing process you know..

The pupils wrinkle their brow, staring at the teacher as if they are paying extra attention on the hot topic being discussed.

Teacher : Okay pupils, set your mind, "I'm going to learn English as if I'm learning the future,". English is fun to learn, isn't it?

The pupils hardly nod their heads.

Teacher : Okay, please repeat after me, I will learn English with all my heart,

The pupils : I will learn English with all my heart,

Teacher : ... because English is easy.

The pupils : because English is easy.

Then the class is as quiet as a cemetery before the teacher continues her highly motivational speech.

Teacher : Finally, bear in your mind

Suddenly, pupil A raises his right hand and stands straight. He scratches his head and questions the teacher.

Pupil A : Teacher, berapa kali bear nak kena ada dalam kepala?

Moral of the story :

Everything is difficult before it becomes easy.
'Zero' comes before 'Hundred'.
Bear in your mind..

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