Tuesday, March 5, 2013

up-sKILLing is KILLING

You haven't passed the CPT.
You are not up to the standard for ELT.
You didn't do well in your APTIS.

Yaaa yaaa yaaaaa... Whatever~ 

You may come out with a list of reasonsss but still, all are considered as REASON. A reason is still a reason to cause something to happen. And what on earth am I talking about....?

I think it's better for me to further my study rather than involving with this up-skilling things. Seriously, the program is killing me inside out.

Pah, my dear friend, if you happen to read this, believe me, you are lucky and I am trapped.. [ *___* ]

According to the trainer, we are in the middle level for ELT, which is B1-B2. That's why we have to undergo this up-skilling program for almost a year to upgrade our level to C1-C2 which I personally don't think it is necessary at all. The lowest level is A1-A2. Basically, C1-C2 is near to native speaker.

Now, with this up-skilling course, I have extra works to do. I mean more and more and more and lots more extra work. If you are a teacher, then you will understand the situation. If you are a teacher, but you didn't get my problem, it means that I still have trillion years to be a good teacher because I have a very serious problem to handle tons of works. Am I a problematic teacher?

Next year, I'm going to be a brand new teacher, a near native speaker teacher. Haha.

What do you think will happen if I'm a near native speaker teacher, yet I still could not attract the pupils' attention and interest..... and also fail to control the class???


  1. salam sis
    already read ur post.
    cnfirm i ll have to do THIS "interesting" UPSKILLING thingy next year honey. i dunno what will happen to me.All three of us are trapped in this MOE's Zone like it or not. I'll pray for u n i need to be prepare for this. anyway hon, CNGRATS FOR UR DAY n can't wait to b part of ur BIG DAY.
    Lots of love

  2. Ejat aktif blogging lg rupanya. .hihi

    Ooo kita kena join native speaker tau..dgr jgk yg pro elt ni byk kerja kn..