Wednesday, April 21, 2010


gagagaaaaa.. not lady gaga but its gagagaaaaa. i repeat, gagagaaaaa~~
yoshh! dis coming saturday is my 1st day of examination.. starting with the killer paper. ho i'm dead! dead meat! serious. coursework mark for my BIT3133 TEACHING ENGLISH GRAMMAR is the worst from 3 other subjects.. now you can tell the need for gagagaaaaa~~

what if i try my best to be a cheater.. ONCE.

huuu~ WILL NOT! its a funny thing if i'm one of those people out there... committing sin without guilt but deep inside their heart they know that's not the best nevertheless and obviously isn't a good thing.. hermm

haha.. know what? the phrase "will not" remind me of something.. is it consider as a phrase?? see... my grammar.. b.a.d. somehow it is a phrase in way of expressing oneself, rite? erm back to "will not", once upon a time i've answered my friend's text about me missing him. me missing him?? again. i'm not that good neither in forms nor function. pheww~ em hm back then when i've been asked about missing someone, i replied, "haha. will not unless we're married. just then i'll miss u like u've never imagine."

and what's the connection with tiru meniru ni??? erm.. just want to share my zaman jahiliyyah experience. those days we're still comitting sin without realizing that's not good and it's consider as perkara biasa. it is still happening nowadays but me myself, i'm trying my very best to avoid from this so called 'crime'.. do you get what i mean?? please do.. (",)

didn't get it? just ignore then.. haha. i'm not myself and this isn't the right time to recall memoriess.. phewww~~

BEST of LUCK myself!! gagagaaaaa~~ i'm ruining the language itself.. huhu sorry miss vanaja.. ngeheee..


  1. Assalamualaikumm...salam khabaq nk serve ayaq bali..tu yg singgah ni..hmm ley tau x??Jat ni sape ye??zati ke??

  2. pekena ayaq bali kat umah mu tu anum.. misunderstanding.. =) ayat xbetul.. he9

    emm yep. its me.. zati a.k.a zaza.. zaza? erk..

  3. Things like this happen everyday in the college..Just be truthful to yourself..