Sunday, April 25, 2010

Traditionally hell??

wuuppsss.. no~ no~ no~ i'm not cursing or whatsoeva.. take a look at this..

this is my cursive, quickly jotting down tips spoken by dr. Halim a.k.a grammar man. just ignore tulisan cacing kerawit itu. i believe my real handwriting is way better.. haha **perasantan**

okay, my major point is on this..

see that one yang sudah dibulatkan itu secara berbalam-balam.. and how on earth i've come out with that hell thing.. haha! thanks to diah for she's the one that realize this outta space tips in BIT3133..

and somehow the phrase traditionally hell is the one that i heard just after my feet reach outside taman u 16 ((sign of enough for grammar at this moment)).. spoken by whom?? yep! pah and diah my dear friends.. they laugh at me because of the unknown tips.. and i laugh out loud to myself too.. i've answered BIT3133!!

speaking of BIT3133, i don't really know whether my answer is right or wrong but i believe that's the best from me which i can say, just pray to the Almighty for HE knows the best for each of us. what past is past and prepare for the next battle. i believe i'm strong enough for this.. haha. sure you can! <-- this is one of the album that mirwana had produced once upon a time.. i believe i have this cassette at home.. i used to be hamidian and of course i'm a big fan of mirwana long-long-long time ago.. and i missed the old mirwana.. okay. this is out of topic already! i'm off! =) there're many things to be done on sunday morning and i believe ((dey! how many believe daa..)) i've to stop at this point.. till then~


    at first,i'm quite shock to read ur title post..
    OMA wut happen to her???quickly i read ur funny i tot u mad at some1 =p

  2. ngeheeee.. i believe i do learn somewhere regarding **catchy title** and i strongly believe it's useful for my gloomy blog.. hahah!

    see.. it's proven n yr comment is my testimony.. ki3 (",)

  3. hahaha..1 way to attract viewer 2 bcme a reader

  4. haha. if ada reader la tapi..

    tapi mcm boleh kira berapa reader yang ada.. haha lawak je..

    blog syok sendiri la kata kan.. **wink-wink**

  5. wahaha..ceh2x..i know u've another blog..wit thousand of people following u..dun b so humble lah cik kak..keep it up!!
    i olso tulisukasuka..hahaha..nobody read my blog except u i guess..hahaha..if u read lah..if not.ermmm..hehehe

  6. of coz la i read my dear.. i prefer additional knowledge than additional maths.. hahaheheee